Media Frame Mounting January 25, 2015 11:17

Here are details about how the Media Frame One mounts artwork as well as how it mounts to the wall.

Art Mounting:

Most photos shown here are photographs printed on canvas. These are mechanically hung on the frame with simple 'canvas offset clips' as shown below. They simply hang on the metal lattice of the frame:

All canvas images shown and provided for display and sale frames with artwork are wrapped canvas from White-Creek Fine Art Printing in Bozeman, MT, and are 5/8" thick. Thicker wraps would mount in the same manner but will look different. Other media and mounting methods are certainly possible.

Creative metal art mounting:

Frame Mounting:

A 2″ x 2″ clear finished piece of angle iron is used to mount the frame to the wall. Slots give some lateral adjustment for screwing onto the wall. The frame is relatively heavy and at least two (2) 50 lb. wall anchors are recommended; screwing into a framing stud would be ideal. Mounts are included with frame.

A 1/4″-20 socket screw attaches the frame to the mount. The mount is drilled larger to give a little fore and aft adjustment to help with bowed or curved walls in keeping the frame flat to the wall.

A pressed in brass threaded insert constrains the frame to the mount.

Overall the mounting is simple and fairly discrete.