New Frame Prototypes July 15, 2015 14:36

Here are some new prototypes of a smaller Media Frame. These are designed around 12x16 inch art and hang on the metal lattice similar to the larger media frames. The wood joints are simpler (not box jointed at the corners) and less metal work to help keep the costs down. The objective is a contemporary, flexible, and affordable frame. Availability and pricing coming soon. Check them out:

Here is the green color done with clear steel. The artwork is not the product of Blue Root Design and used for display purposes only. Like the larger frames you have options to hang different types of work. This is a laser etched piece of baltic birch plywood.

Here is a 12x16 inch photo printed on canvas by Costco, the cost for the canvas is around $30 and a standard size. Grey color and clear steel on this frame.