Sun Valley Arts and Crafts Festival August 13, 2015 17:39

Blue Root Design had a good showing in Sun Valley with a bunch of other great vendors. Check out some pictures from the show, around town, and a couple of days in Idaho doing some mountain biking and hot spring sessions.


The Homestead print in the warm grey rustic closed frame:

The traditional 'Grey and Rust' finishes on this frame turned out real nice:

 By far one of the most interesting artists at the show was the 'kinetic sculpture' guy. Yes, lots of spinning:

 Camp right out of town:

Lots of interesting cars around town: 1980 928

Bike ride south of town, lots of burned areas:

Van life, cooking dinner right next to the river and hot springs:

Bike ride near Stanley, ID:

Meet some new friends:

Great hot ~ cold soaks right on the river:

Old School..

New School:

Not real sure.. just sitting there: