Raven Poster Frames Available February 25, 2016 10:18

The Raven poster frames have been added to the online store and are available for purchase in the 20 and 32 inch sizes in Blue and Black. Product description as well as images with different types of art for each size on the 'product' page or click the images below.

These are frames are mean to hang posters or other 'flat' style artwork. The frame has the ability to 'clamp' the artwork and allow it to simply hang, there is not glass or matting, and since there are no sides to the frame, they can accommodate varying size of art.

Here is the Raven 20 in blue, meant for artwork 16 to 20 inches wide. Artwork is 18x24 inch by Whitecreekart:

Here is the Raven 32 in black, meant for artwork 28-32 inches wide. Artwork is 30x20 inch by Mimi Matsuda.