About Blue Root Design

Blue Root Design is a small company focusing on the design, draft, and creation of functional pieces for everyday living.

Although products showcasing art and function are the main focus of Blue Root, design, drafting, and build services are available. These can be done individually or as a complete project.

The goal is to create affordable, quality, and creative solutions that meet the demands of everyday living. Drawing, modeling, and communication can help bridge the gap between design and realistic product.

Services include cabinetry, build-in's, mill-work, general wood work, and of course design and design representation in the form of plans. See the 'design projects' tab for examples.

Blue Root Design is located in Bozeman, Montana

email: chrismac456 - at - mac.com

Check out our video completed for the Festool Connect Video Contest for 2015. This production shot by Shoot & Release Productions here in Bozeman covers some of Blue Root's principles and design methods while showcasing our handmade ping pong paddle: