5 x 7 Easy Change Photo Frame - Handmade Greyed Maple / Walnut

$ 35.00 $ 55.00

A Blue Root designed picture frame for standard print photographs. These feature the ability to slide a printed photo in and out of the frame allowing you to change the image easily. Wood framing holds the photo and metal rods keep it in place. Use a lab printed photo or one from of your home printer!

This frame is designed for a 5″ x 7″ (h x w) photograph and has overall dimensions of 7″ x 11″ x 1.25" (h x w x d). A standard sawtooth picture frame hanger is installed on the back for wall mounting. They also free-stand to sit on a table or desk surface, a small angle is cut on the bottom for it to rest at a slight angle. These are  finished with ‘natural’ color Danish oil. Handmade in Montana.

These are available in different woods, or colors. The first material listed is for the end (vertical) feature of the piece and the second is for the slats (horizontal) feature.

So this is a listing for GREYED MAPLE ends and WALNUT slats.