Media Frame One 12 x 16 Black Baltic Birch Ply / Steel

$ 140.00 $ 225.00

A smaller version of Media Frame One, this is a simpler version of the design for artwork size of 12 x 16 inch. This has been designed around hanging photographs, but the design (or chassis) will allow mounting of various medium. Incorporating wood and metal, this design will display and enhance any piece. The metal lattice is mechanically connected and constraining the wood frame for a simple yet effective structure. Different wood types and finishes can match personal taste, art, or decor. Photographs are mechanically mounted and interchangeable. Made by hand in Montana.

This particular frame is made from Baltic Birch Plywood with a black stain. Overall size of the piece is 17 x 21 inch. The metal lattice is clear lacquer steel and there is a basic hanging 'wire' on the back. Artwork is hung using simple metal brackets included with the frame. Price is for the 'frame'; artwork not included. Canvas photo shown is Blue Root art printed by Costco.

Picture of actual piece on discount. Includes box for shipping.