Raven 32 Poster Frame - Black

$ 65.00

These are frames are mean to hang posters or other 'flat' style artwork. Threaded inserts on the backsides allow mounting hardware to clamp the artwork between the front and back pieces and let it to hang freely. The top piece has a simple cleat on the back side to hang the frame from the wall, a bottom piece gives the art some weight to keep it hanging flat. Since there are no sides to this frame, the art width is the only requirement for compatibility and allows for use with many different sizes of art.

Made from baltic birch plywood, colored, and lacquered, these are simple to use frames. Posters are a typical application, but any flat prints, fabric, or material could be used. Clamping height is approximately .5 inch and thickness would range from typical paper to 1/16 of an inch, and possibly more with different screw lengths. It is recommended that poster weight or laminated art be used to ensure art protection.

This is a 32 inch wide frame meant for use with artwork from 28 to 32 inches wide. Included is the two piece cleat to provide for hanging. Not included at this time is an allen wrench for use on screw heads; you will need a 5/16" allen key as well as screws to mount to your wall appropriately. This is a listing for the frame only in Black color.

Art is NOT a product of Blue Root Design, see below for art information and sizes shown:

Vintage ski art shown in 30x36 inch size, information and availability at whitecreekart.com

Animal art shown in 30x20 inch size, information and availability at mimimatsudaart.com